L.  M.  H O L D E R I I I, F A I A
Architecture Planning Energy Consultation


firm philosophy

L.M. Holder III commits his practice to creating architecture compatible with the climate and the environment and to share this knowledge of energy efficient systems and renewable energy with others to build a sustainable environment. There are finite conventional resources and an infinite need for these resources. For us to sustain our society, we must integrate renewable energy and sustainable materials into architecture. Our choice is not if we change, but how much will be left when our priorities change. The earlier the change is made, the longer our standard of life can be maintained. Holder researches historic examples, designs new buildings, shares information with others, and gives lectures and seminars for professionals, and non-professionals alike. His leadership promotes alternative performance energy standards to allow design freedom and promote innovation when prescriptive standards were proposed. He gives many lectures and seminars and writes workbooks and guidelines to promote energy responsible architecture and his architectural projects receive national recognition as do his lectures and seminars. Holder is a leader in researching methods of making the transition and sharing information with others, creating buildings which are benchmarks for energy efficient design; even creating buildings and structures which generate more energy than they use. He provides energy, daylighting, and computer simulated lighting and consulting services for professional, institutional, public, and private clients. Throughout his career he endeavors to be part of the ultimate solution to create a quality environment which can be sustained.

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