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awards & acknowledgements


  • Best Hospitality Residential Project in the Country, Lead Designer for Community First Village, 2016
    • Community First Village, is a 27- acres master-planned community. It is designed to get chronically homeless and disabled individuals off the streets in central Texas and provide them with affordable, sustainable housing. All microhomes are oriented to maximize solar and wind energy. Find out more here , or download Pdf file

  • Inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects, May 11, 1996
    • "Pioneering work in energy conscious design, and advancing the profession's ability to create an environmentally compatible achitecture"

  • National Energy Award for Energy Technology and Education, April 27, 1994
    • United States Department of Energy
  • Silver Award, 1989
    • Region II National Swimming Pool Institute
  • Golden Trowel Award - First place for excellence in stone Design, 1999
    • Presented by the Central Texas Masonry Contractors Association for the Miller Office Building
  • Access Award, 2013
    • We would like to congratulate Riverbend Church on the award-winning level of accessibility in their new Student Building
  • Craftsmanship Award, 1993
    • The Austin Chapter Construction Specification Institute craftsmanship award for architectural design of fine quality woodwork for Financial Industries Corporation.
  • Council Grove AIA Design Competition, 1990
    • Worked with Mac Ragsdale and Heather McKinney to Master Plan an area of Town Lake for Planting, trails, and open spaces for Council Grove.
  • Central Valley Chapter American Institute of Architects Certificate Habitat for Humanity Certificate of Appreciation, 1995
    • For "Recognition for Furnishing Complete Architectural Services Over a Period of Six Years (1989-95) in Kerrville, Texas for Habitat for Humanity, Kerr County Affiliate Inc. Certificate given by the board of directors for Kerr County Habitat for Humanity.

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