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awards & acknowledgements


  • Inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects, May 11, 1996
    • "Pioneering work in energy conscious design, and advancing the profession's ability to create an environmentally compatible achitecture"
  • National Energy Award for Energy Technology and Education, April 27, 1994
    • United States Department of Energy
  • Silver Award, 1989
    • Region II National Swimming Pool Institute
  • Golden Trowel Award - First place for excellence in stone Design, 1999
    • Presented by the Central Texas Masonry Contractors Association for the Miller Office Building
  • Access Award, 2013
    • We would like to congratulate Riverbend Church on the award-winning level of accessibility in their new Student Building
  • Craftsmanship Award, 1993
    • The Austin Chapter Construction Specification Institute craftsmanship award for architectural design of fine quality woodwork for Financial Industries Corporation.
  • Council Grove AIA Design Competition, 1990
    • Worked with Mac Ragsdale and Heather McKinney to Master Plan an area of Town Lake for Planting, trails, and open spaces for Council Grove.
  • Central Valley Chapter American Institute of Architects Certificate Habitat for Humanity Certificate of Appreciation, 1995
    • For "Recognition for Furnishing Complete Architectural Services Over a Period of Six Years (1989-95) in Kerrville, Texas for Habitat for Humanity, Kerr County Affiliate Inc. Certificate given by the board of directors for Kerr County Habitat for Humanity.

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